god phoebe is so annoying I hate her

We are conditioned to believe that everything is within our grasp, that they only thing between us and perfection is, well, us.
Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters: How the Quest for Perfection is Harming Young Women (Courtney Martin)

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"innocentes" jennifer pugh by luciana val and franco musso for numero #58

Elle Fanning

Details at Georges Hobeika Fall 2013 Haute Couture
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“The shadow life. He saw it everywhere—it was a kind of second sight—but what use was it? He looked back at his passenger, her face anxious, turned away. Her window misted, a single cloud. What could she possibly see?”
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"I hope she'll be a fool -- that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool." -F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby